A Moment with Nature


Awaiting the Nor’easter on Assateague Island

by Thomas Ramsay


Today's picture was taken on Assateague Island in southern Maryland.  Winds had been gathering in strength since early morning, the precursor to a full-blown Nor'easter.  To avoid the blowing sand at ground level, gulls and ravens took turns sitting on the fence posts that paralleled the beach.  Behaving like living weather vanes, they always landed facing into the wind.

We were staying in our pop-up tent camper just inland from the dunes when we received warnings from Park Service personnel about the near-hurricane-force winds that would be arriving overnight.   While our domed North Face 4-season tent had withstood a comparable gale in another place and time, we were certain the tall, rectangular camper provided too much surface area and would be blown onto its side.  So, we closed up camp, headed into Ocean City, Maryland, and found a nice motel.  The full force of the storm hit just as we were checking in.

It persisted throughout the night and next day, but rather than head home, we donned rain gear and explored and photographed the nearby beaches, which we pretty much had to ourselves.   Touring our campground, we saw that waves had torn sand from the beaches, and wind had blown foam over the dunes to just beyond our abandoned campsite.  

Tom and Nancy

"A Moment with Nature" (TM).  Photo and text - copyright 2012 by Thomas E. Ramsay and Nancy Goetzinger.