Life on the edge


Life on the Edge: America’s Atlantic Coast

A DVD for anyone who loves the ocean!


Sandy Beaches ~ Rocky Coastlines ~ Tides ~ Barrier Islands ~ Salt Marshes

Glaciers ~ Estuaries ~ Pangaea ~ Plate Tectonics ~ Hurricanes ~ Gulf Stream Current

Bird and Butterfly Migrations ~ Intertidal Life ~ Dune Formation

This unique DVD program incorporates all of the above topics into a beautiful, entertaining, and easily understandable 56-minute program on the origins and     ongoing evolution of North America’s Atlantic Coast.

While there are enormous variations among the landforms that constitute the land-sea boundary -- the “edge” -- from Georgia to Newfoundland, there is one common element that links all of them:  the Appalachian Mountains.

Through the use of high-definition video, still photos with motion effects, animation, music, sound effects, and narration, the dynamic factors involved in this common link are illustrated and explained throughout the program. The narrative was thoroughly researched by the authors, then reviewed by Dr. Joanna Burger, Distinguished Professor of Biology, Rutgers University.

A great diversity of life forms is presented, from nesting gannets and puffins in Newfoundland, to blue crabs and rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay, to tube worms in the tidal flats of the Carolinas.

What people have been saying about the program:

“We watched your DVD and were in awe of the beauty you shared with your viewers.”

Deborah R.

“The photography is just stunning.”   

Joan K.




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"A Moment with Nature" (TM). Photos and text copyright 2012 by Thomas E. Ramsay and Nancy Goetzinger.