A Moment with Nature


Battery Point Lighthouse

by Nancy Goetzinger


We descended on a drive through the redwood forest down into Crescent City, California, just as the tide and a passing storm were heading out to sea.  It was a dynamic scene of heavy surf, roiling clouds, shifting light, and a beach strewn with seaweed being picked over by gulls in search of mussels and starfish.

Crescent City is located just south of the Oregon state line.  The coastal waters here are known for their turbulence, with waves that can make even the most hardened sailor seasick.  A friend of ours who sailed much of the central and south Pacific Ocean described this passage as the most tumultuous of her voyage.

We photographed elements of this scene for hours, reveling in the wildness and beauty of it, until the sun's setting light finally made Battery Point Lighthouse itself into a beacon against the dark clouds and rugged mountains behind. 

This was one of the first lighthouses on the California coast and is now a privately operated aid to navigation (that is, not under Coast Guard management).   Visitors can enter the lighthouse across an isthmus accessible only at low tide.

Nancy and Tom

"A Moment with Nature" (TM).  Photo and text - copyright 2012 by Thomas E. Ramsay and Nancy Goetzinger.