A Moment with Nature


"A Moment with Nature" (TM). Photos and text copyright 2012 by Thomas E. Ramsay and Nancy Goetzinger.

A Moment with Nature

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These near-weekly e-mailings  consist of our nature photos, along with some brief accompanying text intended to educate, inspire, amuse, or stimulate fresh thinking.

Topics, concepts, research, and text are all collaborative efforts. New “Moments” are available automatically by subscription.  Earlier pieces are found in the Moments section on this site.

As long-time professional media producers and environmental advocates, we enjoy sharing our sense of nature’s beauty and building a better understanding of the natural world.

The Image Center

Through our company, The Image Center, we are currently focused on an expanding series of programs illuminating the origins and ongoing evolution of North America’s coastlines. Future programs in this Coastal Evolution Series will feature the Pacific Coast (“Life on the Ring of Fire”), the Florida Peninsula, the Gulf Coast, and the Arctic.

We are also available as lecturers, currently offering:

  1. An introduction to, discussion about the making of, and presentation of the DVD “Life on the Edge: America’s Atlantic Coast;”

  2. “Travel Photography:  From Museums to the Outback;” and

  3. “Photo Challenges in Nature Photography.”

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America’s Atlantic Coast 

        a DVD by Nancy Goetzinger and Thomas Ramsay